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About us

IPA Group Benevolent Fund is a fully independent charitable organisation which provides support to students, current and former members and their dependents in difficult times through a one-off contribution or a series of grants.

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‘Because the IPA Group is the world’s largest SME/SMP professional accountancy group, our membership is building a fund fit for the challenges of the future.’


An annual membership contribution of just £10 / A$20 per year brings membership of the fund with full voting rights. Simply opt-in to membership of the fund by using the membership link below.

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‘When members contribute to the IFA Group Benevolent Fund they become part of something big – an international community of professionals working together to support current and former members and their dependents in need.’

Do you need our support?

Life can be a struggle when a change of circumstances leaves you needing a helping hand. Find out if you are eligible for assistance.

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